Post Method Not Allowed


I’m trying to build a simple web shop using the demo on

When I click the Proceed to Payment from the cart, I get the error read-only displayed, and inspect element in Chrome shows POST localhost:1715/shop/paylink/ 405 (Method Not Allowed)

When I change the method to GET, (or go directly to the URL), the page loads (with a huge query string)
See below where I edit the form to GET instead of POST:

If I have overlooked some documentation that outlines this, feel free to link me, I couldn’t find anything similar with these search terms.

Thanks for your help.

My Hugo ENV’s

hugo v0.113.0-085c1b3d614e23d218ebf9daad909deaa2390c9a+extended windows/amd64BuildDate=2023-06-05T15:04:51Z VendorInfo=gohugoio

Ahhh, Hugo is a static site generator, not an operable back-end server though. It’s something like files “compiler” where all outputs are compiled into downloadable files (e.g. index.html is your viewing web page). It’s 1-way traffic only (strictly to client-side front-end only).

If you need to enable commerce you need those payment link features from Stripe or Paypal (where they operate on their frontend+backend servers). If you know about JAM stack (e.g. Angular, Backbone, etc), you can make use of the JavaScript to interact with their client-side services’ API.