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Hello, I am new so am not sure if this is possible:

I would like to have a section on one page which displays post featured images (maybe specified in the front matter or the first image used in the post) together with a summary of that post. If this could be done to automatically pick up the most recent post in any given category, that would be marvellous. Can it be done?

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Displaying Featured Images

For anyone else who finds this and wants to know how I did it:

in the .md file, you need to include this in the front matter:

featured_image = “images/pic01.jpg”

Then at the point you want to include it in the page, you add into the template

<a href="#" class="image featured">{{if isset .Params "featured_image" }}<img src="{{ index .Params "featured_image" }}"></a>{{ end }}

so far it seems to work for me…

Be interested to hear if there is a better way :slight_smile:

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oops I had the {{if statement wrong there, but it goes to show that it won’t work without it!


In this case it’s a matter of taste (and space…), but I tend to use this construction for these conditionals:

{{ with .Params.featured_image }}<img src="{{ . }}">{{ end }}

Your code works fine, but “with” has less surprises in some cases, and it’s more compact.


Thanks, bjornerik, that is an even better solution


A featured image is very useful indeed since it can be separated from the {{ .Content }} variable of a post.
However it really needs an alt attribute. Spent sometime trying to get this to work. Here it is:

<img{{ with .Params.featured_image }} src="{{ . }}"{{ end }} alt="{{ .Title }}">

Thanks very much. I use it in my blog.


I’m new to Hugo, I can’t get featured image to work. I followed the instruction above, it’s not working.
Can someone please help, I need step by step instructions.
Please help. Thank you.


Hi - could you please go ahead and make a new post in here, and give us the info cited in Requesting Help. (If you’re not even sure what that means, then I would say, start by reading the docs and trying the tutorials. )


Thanks for replying, I will check the tuts and docs.
are there any newbie tutorials for creating featured images on a blog post?
If not can someone please create one.
Thank you all.