Populate Google Agenda from content


I am completely new to Hugo and am currently assessing it can meet my requirements. I would like to create a site based on events (for example in content/events) that would populate a google agenda (at site building ?).

Would it be possible without opening Hugo’s engine?


To populate a Google Agenda doesn’t sound doable. The other way around may be possible, and I suspect that is what you mean.

I do mean from Hugo to the Agenda. The event is described at length in a Hugo post, with pictures and so on, the fontmatter containing useful data for the agenda people could subscribe to.

Thank you for your quick answer

@Nico-L I assume you mean Google Calendar (that’s the U.S. reference, at least). You could use Hugo’s fabulous custom output formats to output your content it the iCal format, which Google Calendar can then read. You’d also need to set up a webhook to build your site periodically.

@budparr Indeed I meant Google Calendar. OK, the custom output format is interesting and might as well be a better solution that I had initially in mind.

If I am not wrong, Netlify is able to trigger automatic build…


Netlify will, but you need to set up a trigger for the webhook. I use IFTTT and some use Zapier. Let me know if you need help with that.

Sorry for the late answer, I just saw your final answer.

I don’t understand actually: I tought that Netlify would trigger a build as soon as it detects a change in the repository, so each time a new event is created (with netlify cms for example, or another tool I don’t know yet), Netlify will trigger a build and the ical produced by the custom output format will be up to date.

I am missing something?

No, you’re not missing anything. I assumed if you were putting content out to a calendar, you’d also be displaying that information on your site. I trigger builds to do things like move events from upcoming to past.

I am indeed thinking displaying the calendar on my site. I was thinking using the Fullcallendar using json output or such.

Thanks for your answers. Whether I need webhook, I might come back to the thread.