Placing circles generated in css side by side without use of table

I am drawing some circles using css.
I want to place them beside each other with a little space between them, not on top of each other. I know I can use table and put them in a table, but the issue is that if the website is responsive then the circles will stay in a table row and looks very bad on mobile devices. I can put images side by side without a table and on mobile images wrap around and everything looks good. Is there a way to do the same thing when I draw circles using css?

By the way I am adding these circles to a md file.

Hi and welcome to Hugo. The forum is full of people that can help with using templates, but you’ll have more help with CSS techniques if you ask at a CSS specific group. You can find CSS tutorials here.

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Thanks Michael, I appreciate your response.
Do you think Stackoverflow is a better place to ask this question?

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have a look at this free template:

if i understood your question right they have a similar approach and you may get inspiration from how they did it.

and yes, i would say stackoverflow is better for css matters.

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