Partial not working


I have a partial called CTA. There seems to be an issue because I cannot get it to appear. My site is at

I am also having issues with making the text appear in , and the text appear inside a blog appropriately (at the moment ## will appear instead of <h2>)

Here is my code:

Thank you in advance

Your config.toml file needs some work

  1. It’s best to end the baseURL with a slash (/)
  2. The Netlify configuration options belong in a netlify.toml file in the root of your project. Do not put these in config.toml.
  3. When specifying menu entries, use pageRef for internal references and url for external references. Don’t specify both for the same entry.

Your partial (themes/kaliriu-theme/layouts/partials/cta.html) is wrapped with:

{{ with (index .Site.Data .Site.Language.Lang).cta }}
{{ end }}

But your repository doesn’t have a data directory, either in the root of the project or in the theme directory.

That’s because themes/kaliriu-theme/layouts/_default/single.html does not render .Content

That’s because you placed the content in a front matter field (description) that isn’t rendered to HTML. You need to pass it through .Page.RenderString, or place the content beneath the front matter.

No offense, but this entire site is a mess.

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No offense taken! just doing my best with what I know.
Thank you for your answers.

As for the partial, I created the data directory, but it doesn’t not seem to be working as expected. It does not change its text to what I change it in the CMS. Am I missing something?

About the Privacy Policy text, is this a good example of the correct code that should work?

{{ .Content | replaceRE "<p>" "<p class=\"b-legal-page__text\">" | replaceRE "<h2" "<h2 class=\"b-legal-page__subheading\" "  | replaceRE "<ul>" "<ul class=\"b-legal-page__list\">" | replaceRE "<li>" "<li class=\"b-legal-page__list-item\">" |  safeHTML }}

Nevermind, all good!