OT: Matching color of theme to specific color temperature

I am using the Tokiwa theme.

I have the software Flux on my computer. Flux adjusts the color temperature of the screen. I like the way the Tokiwa theme looks when the color temperature is set to 2400K. I am unsure how to find a way to adjust the color scheme of the theme to match the colors of Flux (So that the site would appear that way even if you are not using Flux).

I believe I have found the css parameters in the theme to adjust the colors. What I am asking is how to find a way to match or approximate those colors/opacity settings?

This forum is only for Hugo related questions.

Even if you are using a Hugo theme, your question is not related to the workings of Hugo.

To adjust the CSS colors of the theme you are using you need to ask the theme author on GitHub.

Please have a look at the forum Requesting Help guidelines for future reference.

Also search the web for ways to convert a temperature in Kelvin into a RGB colour