Organizing my content with Academic

I am quite new to Hugo (and even static site content generators).
I have been trying Jekyll, and managed to get a functional site changing the Prologue site to get several collections and tag and categories integration.

But Jekyll lacks lot of functionality out of the box.
Hugo with the academic package seems to have all functionality I need.

I am a researcher and University teacher on Geotechnics.

I want to have a site were I can put info about my research and training content.

I would like to have separate sections for training and research.
Inside that sections there will be course contents, slides, info about projects, blog posts, etc.

But Hugo seems to be content-type centric.
Each kind of content resides in a root directory.
So academic creates a root directory for slides, other for courses, other for projects and publications.

I would prefer to have:

  • courses
  • slides
  • books…


  • talks
  • projects…

But it seems not possible (or not easy without heavy modifications of academic theme) to have my directory tree.

So I have to create courses in courses directory, slides in slides dir, etc.
I can live with it, if I can categorize the content.
I suppose I can clasify the content using categories: training and research.

My home page would be quite simple:
A slide widget to show some content.
A featured widget
a recent widget
a contact widget
and an about widget.

But featured widget should be able to show excerpt to all kind o content, be it a blog post, a talk, etc.
The same with the recent content: I would like to show the newest content in the root page, regardless if it is a post or a talk, publication, etc.

I use featured widget, but if you use a page_type= “posts”, only posts will be put there.
I have tried using page_type="" and not page_type at all, but then I get an empty result.

How may I display feature content in the widget for posts, publications, etc, all in the same place?

The same for recent content using widget “pages”.

Then I would like to have a Training section (/training/) that would be an index of content about training.
A short of specialized home page, that shows featured and recent posts, couses, slides, etc.

I can use content.filters to get only results with category=“training” and I think it is possible to create a section with widgets, but I do not know were to put it.

If I create /training in the root directory, the system considers it a content-type and looks for a “training.html” layout.

Where should I put the training directory in order to create specialized sections and indexes about training content in my site?

Thank you for your help.