Opening a new page when an image is clicked in a page

I am using the “Dimension”. I have created 3 pages: “Data”, “About”, and “Contact”.
These are the 3 pages that will be shown as links in the main page.

I want to have another page, that is not shown as a link in the main page, but I want to have an image in the “Data” page that when I click on it, it opens that page, let’s call it “ForthPage”.

My questions are:

  1. How can I create a page that is not shown as link in the main page. Currently my 3 pages: “Data”, “About”, and “Contact” are .md files and are located un the “content” folder. Shall I create a .md file called Where shall I put it?

  2. How can I link an image in “” to opens the “”?

I am very new to Hugo, I really appreciate any help.

Sorry, @tooraj I’m having a bit of trouble with your question. So, here is what I have so far:

  1. You are using the “Dimension” theme (theme page and demo page)
  2. You want to create a page in addition to the intro, work, about, and contact links that are used in the demo site for the theme.

So any page you create at the root of content can be used to create a new single page. It looks like “Dimension” treats each of your content files as a block of html within the page (i.e., notice that clicking on the links adds a hash [#] to the URL). So in other words, it’s not creating individual web pages for each of your .md files.

In fact, you can see that the template for individual files is actually empty:

It looks like @sethm ported this theme over from HTML5UP, so maybe he can give you some more insight. My initial feeling is, however, that if you want to create more than one web page, you should look at other themes…only because “Dimension” is meant for a single-page website :smile:

Hope that helps!

Hi @rdwatters, Thank you so much for the explanation. This theme is so beautiful I wish I could create more than one page in it. Any suggestion on a multi-page theme that looks as good as this?

One more question:
If I don’t put my .md file at the root of content and instead build some folders inside the content folder, can I acheive what I need? Is this link relevant:

Thanks again for the help.

@tooraj You have now started three separate threads with the same question :smile: I think your best bet is to ask for support directly from the theme’s creator @sethm, but nevertheless, I’m going to close 2 of the 3 threads…

I’ll leave the latest open: