OpenGraph: question and issue (?)

The Hugo OpenGraph internal templates uses a special series taxonomy. This taxonomy is supposed to add a see also meta: <meta property="og:see_also" content="..." />.

My question. I never saw the see_also attribute in Facebook OpenGraph docs. I find that this attribute is a “Pinterest only” one ( Am I right?

The issue (?). Can someone verify that the internal template is broken when using series (execute of template failed: template: _internal/opengraph.html). Just add this code on one .md file and check:

  - test

Not a real problem (for me) if OpenGraph doesn’t render series / see also meta. But a potential problem for everybody using OpenGraph internal and calling a taxnonomy series

Yes, I’ve been bashing my brains out all night trying to figure this out. This is a real bummer as we’re doing a site for book publishing and would love very much to use series

Internal templates are added as a guide. If you require your own changes take the code, add it to a local partial in your layouts folder and use that. Hugo creates what you tell it to create. I personally avoid using internal templates because they tend to be outdated (instagram shortcode, open graph integration, google analytics updates).