Only display the intro post to a series

I’m currently working on a 15 post series. I only want the first post to show in the /posts section. For example, I have intro, post-1, post-2, and post-3. I only want to have the post intro to show when you look at all the posts, but when you’re on that post, you can go to the next one.

Like this website. How he has only the intro showing, but when you click the post, you can go to the next post.

How would I do this in Hugo?

I’d write my list.html template so that it does what I want. You’d need a way to figure out what “first post” means (like always naming them intro) so that you can ignore all the other ones in your template.

You can try this example, but you will have to modify your list template to avoid conflicts.

How can I incorporate this into the LoveIT theme?

No idea! Just clone the example site on your computer and see how Joe has done it then see i you can replicate it in that theme.