One-click installer

Thanks to the folks at InstallBuilder, I’ve started on an installer for Mac, Windows, and Linux. It will install Hugo v0.13 plus a small demo site.

I am writing a post-install script for the Linux and Mac installs that will open up a terminal window, change to the demo site directory, and start up Hugo. That demo site uses the Hyde theme and has a couple of posts cribbed from how-to’s and tutorials on the Hugo web site and forums.

The InstallBuilder program offers the option of updating the PATH. For Linux and Mac users, that’s an update to the user’s profile. For Windows, it looks like it is a registry update.

I don’t currently run either Windows or Linux, so I can’t test the installer on them.

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I can help test on Windows. I’m sure others here can as well.

I don’t have a linux desktop right now, but could setup a VM easily. It
would be good to get lots of testing on it before we release it anyway. Who
else can help?

I have Linux …

@bjornerik - would you know a Linux command to start the default browser?

xdg-open <url>

Should work in most Linux distros. Works fine on my Ubuntu.

Would you tell me if this works on Linux?

If you add


At the top it works (every Linux distro has bash)

But isn’t this the “more correct” order

hugo server -p $HUGOPORT -w & LaunchBrowser

It’s trying to work around the race condition where the browser starts before Hugo begins serving content.

One solution is to start Hugo in the background and then wait a moment before starting the browser. The prob with that is if hugo launches in the background then the user can’t hit Control-C to stop it. They’d have to actually kill the process.

My workaround is to launch the browser in the background behind a sleep. It’s backwards but it gives Hugo almost two seconds to spin up and start serving content.

Ok, I see it now. Well it works fine for me … and 2 sec should be plenty.

Thanks for verifying on Linux.

I think GitHub in general works much better for code collabrations.

I’ve noticed that, too.

First cut at

On Ubunu Linux:

You must be a few time zones ahead of me. I’ll check on this over the weekend. Thanks!

Sure. The content of /home/bep/bin:

 bin  ls -ltr
total 5284
-rwxr-xr-x 1 bep bep     153 Apr  4 11:05 Uninstall Hugo.desktop
-rw------- 1 bep bep    2419 Apr  4 11:06 uninstall.dat
-rwx------ 1 bep bep 5399482 Apr  4 11:06 uninstall