Offline, Local user files to search


I come across

Basically planning to built a cross platform desktop system which accepts huge local .txt files from the user and finally does a full text search…The user will have the files in his local machine and wants a google like search engine and easy navigation with previous and next, previous buttons

In this way, the user just needs the browser no installation is required…

In this way, the application will be purely portable irrespective of OS…

This would be absolutely cross platform…

When i did the research i come across hugo …

Featurs trying to build once the files got imported by the user and indexed by the front-end code/logic

  1. Search Box with type-ahead search
  2. Combo box to choose the language
  3. Number of hits should be while typing. Please type some text in and
    you will understand what is number of hits
  4. Search keyword should be highlighted in the left with portion of text.
    On clicking the text, the entire subject with highlighted search
    should shown in the right

nearly 2,000 files are in text format of 600 kB each size.

the files can be anything - log file or any text file or docx file…If support other formats also it is well and good…for now planning to suppor .txt file only

Please kindly advice with suggestions or comments…How to achieve this via hugo

Any showcase or good examples to achieve the above…

This is basically offline search engine where it doesn’t need internet at all.

Please need your kind assistance in detail