No Shortcodes on Homepage?

Hi, i can’t seem to get shorcodes to work on the homepage ( index.html )

i get this error:
Error while rendering homepage: html/template: “theme/index.html” is an incomplete template

but inserting the shortcode into a random *.md file works

so - is it possible to use shortcodes inside the homepage?

Shortcodes does not work in template files (i.e. html files).

Not sure if it’s possible to attach a content (*.md) file to the home page.

It might work if you have index.html defined right and also have an in your content/ renderer. I’m not sure whether layouts/index.html or layouts/…/single.html might render there, but…

It’s possible, but currently not using that approach. I responded somewhere else in this forum with a pretty detailed how to. On mobile in meeting right now. Can help later if you can’t find it.


Is this the topic you were thinking about?

Yes, that should do the trick - i just have to create a new template - let’s say “_default/homepage.html” and parse a page that hase a certain .title with that template - right?! :slight_smile:

Thank you.

Yes that sounds about right :slight_smile:

Yes. That’s the one. Perhaps we should add this to the docs until a better solution emerges.

Yeah that would be great, because the dokumentation does not tell a lot about the creation and layout of the homepage except that 'it' s different' :) thank you for the help. I like this board a lot. So fast and helpful answers :)