New Themes Gallery site

I think that would make the index page too busy – and theme authors already have fairly prominent credits (compared to, say, the people creating the Go code that drives Hugo).

Agreed with BEP and also think we should do something to give more credit to the people who do a lot of the work that most people never see.

Yes 100% agree with both of you, especially from the perspective of someone currently (attempting to) put all this good code to use.

Virtuemart (Joomla extension and project I was involved with) has a place where contributors are listed bby the section they’ve contributed (development, documentation, design etc) but it’s pretty hidden, and I doubt many regular users see it. It was a good idea, better had it been more visible.

I think things like this come under the banner of marketing (in the open source sense), because it is promoting the people within, but also encouraging more contribution. This area can also include specific tutorial docs (which encourage new users), and a blog. Might be worth having that as an additional section of Hugo.

I would like the idea of having a blog. This would allow us to create posts about best practices or tips and tricks that normally wouldn’t fit into the docs.

I really like the idea of a blog. Are there enough community members that would be willing to post to it to keep it active and engaging? I’d rather do release posts there and upcoming previews of cool features would be great to be on the blog as well.

Reply to this post if you want to contribute to the blog and I’ll look into setting one up.

The idea is good, but it would be cool if we could get what we have working (setup for regular deployments of the theme site, more frequent Hugo releases etc.) before adding another layer of complexity.

@spf13 I’m definetely interested. To get some feedback from the community I’ll create a seperate thread for it and ask if they’re interested or have some ideas for contents.

@bep No worry. It’s just an idea but I would like to give this idea some shape, similar to the themes site. I agree, that we should focus on the points you mentioned first.

  • regular deployments? This seems to be more in the hand of @spf13. Generally speaking: it would great to automate the deployments as we do it already with the docs.

  • How do you exactly want to restructure the current workflow to release new versions more frequently? Where do you see a need for changes?

I created a thread to discuss this idea.

Hugo 0.14 was released May 25. There have been 267 commits since then. I thought this was obvious?

Yes. I also expected a release of a new version in the near future.

@spf13 is most likely the man behind Hugo (aka the boss) and you @bep lift the biggest parts of the maintainance by managing issues and PRs. On the one hand the commiters are quite active, which would allow us to create a shorter release cycle.

On the other hand I know that both of you have limited time to organize everything (without forgetting all the other regular contributors!). My intentation was how we could help you to accelerate and improve this process?

On both of the areas above the answer is better automation. @spf13 will have to take that ball, and I’m sure he will, eventually.

The theme site deployment is already automated. Deploys hourly.

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That is just great! OK, then I will tone done my grumpiness for a while … Just got some coffee, too.

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You should check on that scheduler. The themes site doesn’t seem to have picked up any changes.

Ahh… The Canonify URLs broke it.

CRITICAL: 2015/10/15 unknown flag: --canonifyURLs

It is using Hugo v0.14 still and that breaks with the renamed flag.

This prompts two questions.

Should (long) flags be case sensitive? My gut is no… but short flags should still be.
Shouldn’t we have aliases for this change?

Ah, sorry about that. I had to add that flag … the alternative would be to start opening up pull requests for the themes that have an /exampleSite. And Hugo 0.14 is pretty old by now :slight_smile:

Both canonifyURLs and canonifyurls should ideally work, but I don’t know how Cobra handles this.

Now it just lists one theme.

Now the auto-deploy works … So, @digitalcraftsman – could you create a new and shiny theme so we could test that the new theme gets autoadded to that page? :slight_smile:

I created an issue for the new theme to test the auto-deployment.

@spf13 could you have a look at what’s failing in the autodeploy. I have tested it fine locally. Several new themes have been added lately, but it still says:

Last built: Thu Oct 15 2015 22:05