Network sharing doesn't work with hugo-extended

Don’t know if this is a bug, or misconfiguration from my part. But I’m not enable to share a hugo site on my local network when hugo-extended version. Seems to be working fine when using ‘regular’ hugo version.

Command that I’m using:
hugo server -D --bind 192.168.1.xx --baseUrl http://192.168.1.xx

System specs

  • Windows 11
  • Installed both versions via chocolatey (of course not together at the same moment)
  • Hugo version: v0.92.2

bind should be ?

i’m on linux machine and doing it like this:

hugo server -D --bind --baseURL

accessible via

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Doesn’t make any difference if you bind to or your local ip. Results are the same.

How did you configure your firewall? Are the rules tied to a particular executable?

I didn’t configure anything to my firewall, but can’t rule out that something changed underwater with installing hugo and hugo-extended.

If I understand correctly hugo and hugo-extended are two different executables but listen to the same alias (hugo) on the command line?

Is there an easy way to check the different firewall rules for the two sepearte excutables?


No. Presuming that you haven’t created any aliases, how you invoke it from the command line depends on the name of the executable file. By default, both are named hugo.exe. If you have both installed, your PATH environment variable determines which one is called when you type hugo.

Win+R > wf.msc > Enter
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Thank you, Jim.

Found out that 2 instances of Hugo were blocked in Windows Firewall. Don’t know why this happend specifically to hugo-extended version. Enabled ‘allow connections’ and it now seems to be working fine!

Any idea why there are so many entries for hugo, in windows firewall?

Screenshot 2022-02-23 104027

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