Netlify Site Does Not Deploy


Good to hear you’ve got it working.

At some point I reckon it’s worth working out how to use submodules correctly, as it’ll save remembering to remove the .git directory from a theme each time you use it.


Yes, I understand.

I’m actually thinking of working on creating my own theme, probably going to be the best way to learn Hugo from the ground up.

Thanks again for all your help. Much appreciated.


That’s what I did when I realised how much easier Hugo was going to be to work with than all of the other generators I’ve previously tried.

It was shockingly easy to create a theme from scratch! I blindly followed the instructions for handling the git submodule as I don’t pretend to really understand git :slight_smile: I have the theme in a public repo in GitHub and the site in a private repo on GitLab. VSCode handles the whole thing really well even though I’ve been developing both in parallel.


this problem has no resolution thanks to this guy

i spent hours and hours trying to solve it but the solution is to download the theme and adding it in your files


This is one option, but adding the theme as a submodule also works. That’s how I have my personal site setup.


Using a CI has nothing to do with speed, but reproducibility. If you host your project on github/gitlab/bitbucket and want a new build after every commit - CI can do that, which is especially handy with many collaborators.


Had a similar issue with Netlify - tried several suggestions mentioned here - then just skipped to AWS Amplify. Now my site builds locally and on AWS, but not on Netlify.