Multiple images in one post as group


Is possible, add mini gallery images group to
I mean like:

• (sample text) steps to install
some text...
<group of 5 images>

app store
<one only image (no group of images)>

And i use Mainroad theme
i am new to Hugo, i just learn basics of hugo

Put them in your page bundle and access them as resources.

i add image with

{{< figure src="" title="" >}}


{{- $image := .Resources.GetMatch "" }}

Resources.GetMatch dont work
I add with figrure short code and is non-page file?

                   | EN
  Pages            | 41
  Paginator pages  |  4
  Non-page files   | 28
  Static files     |  5
  Processed images |  0
  Aliases          |  6
  Sitemaps         |  1
  Cleaned          |  0

Try the documentation and searching for Resources here in the forum. The approach has been explained often.

okay i just browsing web and i found PhotoSwipe this is what i need!
now only how implement

I’d suggest that you first try to do whatever it is you want to do without adding the complexity of an external JS library. As you said: You’re just starting with Hugo. Better get a basic understanding of it first.

That means: If you know how to display the images on a page without Photosweep (even crudely), it’s a lot easier to do so nicely with it.

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