Multilanguage Site > SEO-friendly URL for the "Lanuage Top Page" > a Slug?

Hi all!
I work on the SEO part of my website. It’s a multilanguage site in subdirs.
I can’t figure out how to set-up a "SEO-friendly URL/Filename for the ‘Language Top Page’. My main keyword is “Digital Evolution” and is part of the H1 title.

  • Currently: accessing “” leads to “”. Ubersuggests reports this as “SEO Issue : Poorly formatted URL for SEO”. There is no keyword in the url that relate to the page content.

  • I’m looking for a SEO friendlier e.g. “” as the “top page” of the de-language part.

  • Going down the “de” file structure, SEO is no problem, using slug if needed.

  • It’s a setup with: (show here only relevant items)
    baseURL = “
    DefaultContentLanguage = “de”
    DefaultContentLanguageInSubdir = “true”

Does any one has a solution or know the topic?
Thank you!

For a home page? Really?

Yes. Probably it’s not seen as the homepage by ubersuggest?
The “technical” homepage is is more a “language homepage”.

Remark: The (x) is only to prevent here the editor for resolving to the active site.

My advice: ignore the warning and move on to items that provide a greater ROI.

I understand. I didn’t used keyword research before, yes this is true. So just no traffic and not be found organically. That’s why I consider the topic “in depth”.

Thanky you!

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