Modules and Azure DevOps

I’m trying to use modules to componentize some of my modifications to a public theme but I’m getting an error - and I think it’s because my assets are on Azure DevOps.

When I place the assets in a public github repo, Hugo downloads them fine. When I switch to my Azure repo, I get:

go get unrecognized import path "": reading 203 Non-Authoritative Information

(I’ve obscured the path to my DevOps repo)

Has anyone seen this before?

It’s not because it’s Azure DevOps, it’s because it’s a private repository. How, do you think, will Go access that repository? You will have to authenticate that Go call somehow. For that you need to know how Hugo is attempting to connect to a modules URL and then find out how to supply authentication to that call…

For a Github link it would just be a simple SSH authentication. If you can connect to that repo via ssh you can load it as Hugo module.

Thanks pkollitsch - I’d never have picked up that it was an authentication issue.

The solution for me was to configure the remote to use SSH but also to add a .git suffix to the module path:

   - path:

Now it’s all working.

More info on this problem here:

Add that as notes to your configuration. If you have to re-clone your repo you will already forgotten that :smiley: - happened to me too often.

In fact, I’ve just been able to connect using HTTPS - the .git suffix was the key.

I’ll be sure to add that to my config file - smart thinking.