Minimo CSS Customization

I’ve just added an easier way of customizing css for Minimo. Here are the steps:

  • Use the latest version of Minimo (reinstall it if you have installed it already).

  • In your site’s config.toml file, add this option:

  customCSS = [ "custom.css" ]
  • In your site’s /static/ folder. Create a file named custom.css.
  • Now place whatever css you want in the /static/custom.css file. It will override the theme’s default css. For example, if you want to change color of those yellow seperators, you may want to use this:
.comments-container #disqus_thread:before,
.site-header:after {
  border-bottom-color: violet;

For better understanding, you can take a look inside the exampleSite folder of Minimo.