Md content markup converted to html markup

type here use markdown

You need to ask questions – and give more detail – if you expect someone to be able to answer.

@bep thanks for replying.

I don’t want to be an annoyance with all them threads like Root shows v0.36 while subdirectories show v0.32.4 getting locked,

Although is closely related to the above thread, since for one, the only culprit I can think of, was generating the site with different versions

As a result, All the md markup content on each file md under /post/ was converted to html markup

So yes, the md markup was no longer available. And neither the posts under the project /post/ directory

There are other tools that could convert html markup to markdown, but this is besides the point.

How did I recover the content of the files you may ask

by going to the public index.html file, that is.

I no longer have the original md markup but ol’ fashion html in them

As I said, you need to ask a question.

Take a moment to read Requesting Help. That has guidelines for asking questions and getting help in these forums.

And to be clear, we all volunteer our effort to answer questions here, so we expect everyone to be clear and concise when they have questions.

It sounds like you lost the source files for your site or something. That is unfortunate, and we can’t do anything about it. If you have a specific question about Hugo, please ask it, and include a question mark.

fair enough thanks