Make my posts auto move to something-like "unrecognized" category

Hello guys. as the title said. I want to make my post auto move to “unrecognized” category if my post frontmatter (category = null’). How can i do it?

Well, you cannot automatically set a value, but you can create a page to list pages without a category.


title = "Unrecognized"
date = 2021-08-11T05:56:00-07:00
draft = false
layout = "unrecognized"


{{ range where site.RegularPages "Params.categories" "eq" nil }}
  <h2><a href="{{ .RelPermalink }}">{{ .Title }}</a></h2>
{{ end }}
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Thanks you so much <3. Simple but it working great :smiley: .

I do not understand how that would help in this context. Please explain. Thanks.


categories = ["unrecognized"]
kind = "page"
path = "/blog/**"

I forgot that cascade does not overwrite existing values.


Perhaps he is indicating a cascade would help? That is make the default for categories be [ "unrecognized" ] ?

Hello. Sorry if it late. But can you explain what is that settings . I read the docs but can’t understand what is cascade thing do

categories = ["unrecognized"]
kind = "page"
path = "/blog/**"

I hadn’t used it in the config.toml the way @jmooring has until he showed this!

It’s called a cascade because (the way I learned about it) one sets it in a top level file (e.g. /content/blog/ and the settings apply to everything below that page (in the case I will show, all pages in /content/blog and any subdirectories of content/blog (it ‘cascades’ like a waterfall).

So, in my /content/blog/_index/md I would have (in toml format):

categories = []

   categories = [ "unrecognized" ]

or in YAML format:


    - unrecognized

The categories outside the cascade is for the page itself (e.g. what on the live site would be /blog). This is needed if you want the page where you define the cascade to have a different setting than the pages below it.

@jmooring’s solution is ‘nicer’ because you don’t need to do the extra /blog categories setting.

If in config.toml you set

It applies the settings in the [[cascade]] section (categories = ["unrecognized"])
to any pages that match [cascade._target] specification

In this case any page (kind = "page") in the path /content/blog/** (** means any file in /content/blog and in any subdirectories (nested) of /content/blog).

If you’re wondering about the /content thing, it is because all pages in Hugo comes from the /content directory of the root of the Hugo directory, so /content is omitted in any Hugo config, because Hugo ‘knows’ what you mean.

Hope that’s not to confusing…it’s early/late.

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