Make links work both in GitHub preview as well as the site

I want to make the links to pages work both in Github previews and in the site.

I have a strong feeling that this might be accomplished by render-link but I somehow am not able to it.

Let’s say I have the following:

blogs -----

I want to link blog1 in blog2. So, I want to do as such [blog 1]( This would work fine on Github preview but won’t in HUGO.
How should I process the .Destination? Or any other way to do it?


Didn’t I post a link to a project in another similar thread of yours?

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Ah okay, I thought it was just for the image part since I looked at it when I was searching for images. I should have looked there too, my bad!

Anyways, thanks for the reply and the amazing example!!

For the purpose of others who might land here, this is the thread

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