Mailstatic - a small python server which allows sending emails from HTML forms

Hello everyone, we wanted to spread some information regarding our small opensource project mailstatic in case anyone can benefit in any way from it. The project ist quite similiar to the popular formspree but a little bit smaller. It is a very small Python based server which basically allows you to send emails from static HTML pages. Practically the POST request of your HTML form is forwarded to the mailstatic server which then generates an email based of the received information (for instance: mail subject, receiver and the body).

To prevent abusing of the forms it is possible to use a configurable ratelimit and a captcha system.

The server is really easy to setup you can either just clone the GitHub repository or pull the mailstatic image from the docker-hub.

If you have any feedback, are interested in the proect or just have questions feel free to checkout the GitHub repository or the mailstatic website for more information.