Lookup order error after adding image to root directory

When I add an image to static/images in root, I get this error when running Hugo Server:

FindFirstFile \themes\fullstackdigital\static\images\logo-white.png: The system cannot find the path specified.
File no longer exists in static dir, removing \images\logo-white.png.crdownload

This happens right after I add an image to the directory. It’s almost like the theme static directory is initially checked after I add a file, but the root static directory isn’t checked after failing to find the file in the theme directory.

I have to force a rebuild, then the error goes away and I can then reference the image I added in static/images.

I’ve tried running hugo server --disableFastRender, but no luck.

Can you share your project?

The issue resolved itself after I pulled the site again for some reason.