Live pages don't match local

Well, I couldn’t leave well enough alone.

I renamed master to main on GitHub - acgetchell/, made edits to blog/main.yml at 60359166df80d295974eda986e085288ac830d0f · acgetchell/blog · GitHub to push to the renamed branch, and now the live site does not match the local site generated with hugo server -D at all.

Social icons are full-sized and the Ananke theme seems completely broken.

Undoing this change did not, of course, fix it.

I fixed this by generating the site locally and diffing the changes. They were in ananke/css/ and ananke/css/main.min/css.

I’m going to see if this fixes it permanently, or if I’ll have the problem again as soon as I upload a new change.

Update: It’s fixed!

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