List of recent pages in a section is embedded at the end of the home page

I have a main file in which I have this line:

For individual tricks, click [here]({{< ref "/tricks" >}} "Trick list").

Where /tricks is a section. However, the list of pages are embedded at the end of my page which looks weird.

I’m using the PaperMod theme, but the Anake theme in the “Getting started” section of the docs also embeds the list though it adds a title “Recent tricks” (I cannot show it because I’m a new user and can only post one picture at a time).

I’m looking for a way to disable this behavior.

This is the output using the Akane theme from the “Getting started” section of the docs.

It sounds like you want to remove lists of pages from list pages. Is that correct?

Not exactly; when I’m on the page itself, it should be displayed. But there shouldn’t be anything when I link it.

Sorry, I still don’t understand.

Well it looks like the list of pages is embedded even when I don’t link to it but anyways.

The home page has a “recent tricks” section appearing at the bottom. I don’t want it. However, I should still be able to see the list if I go to the “tricks” section.

To summarize, you want to remove the list of pages from the home page. Is that correct?