List of files in section output?

I have a section of my site with naked html, svg, jpg, and other files. They get copied to the output unmolested, which is great. But I cant figure out how to list them in my index. In my list.html for this section (for the, I have:

<ul style="background-color: #34a2ea">
    <!-- Renders the li.html content view for each content -->
    {{ range .Pages }}
    <li><a href="{{.RelPermalink}}">{{.RelPermalink}}</a></li>
    {{ end }}

but .Pages doesnt include any of them. Is there a different variable that would list all the outputs here?

So they were molested correctly? What does that mean?

Since these particular files had no front matter, they were copied from ‘content/x’ to ‘public/x’ unchanged, which felt right.

When I tried similar html files, but with front matter, hugo did what I expected, which was process them according to the single layout that best fit this section. Which would be fine for other html files, but not these particular html.

Static files (in this context) and Page-type resources are not considered Pages (in the Hugo context), and therefore not part of the various .Pages collections.

You can try to readDir etc your way through it.