List all used resources on one page

Hi there,

I need one page which lists every used resources (out of legal reasons). These resources are JPG, PNG and SVG files which are retrieved using .Page.Resources.GetMatch .. and then sometimes also be resized.

Is there a meaningful way for that?


I suspect you need to pull out the GetMatch into a partial and collect them with Scratch. There is a similar discussion in another thread where I mentioned adding a custom output format to print these values as some last step.

I read the documentation of .Scratch and I assume my question was not precise enough. As I understand .Scratch it is just for one page.

But I need something where I can list all used resources from ALL pages. A central point of list of resources on the legal notice page of the whole web page.

But: .Scratch might work well if I might want to put them on the bottom of the pages. :slight_smile: (which is unfortunately not my current use case).