Last modified .gitinfo from git-submodule

|-- website-content
        | `--.git
|-- layouts/index.html
|--...etc (other files)

My content comes from another git submodules.
I am trying to use GitInfo in index.html. It is always nil.

Note: i added enableGitInfo = true in my config.toml

My use case is to get last-modified date of the content files(.md files). Appreciate your response. Thanks.

That was not a support ticket, and is very old. Please read Requesting Help and state your question. :slight_smile:

Thanks @maiki. I have editied my post and added additional information.

@pointyfar, @bep, @davidsneighbour Any thoughts or pointers?
I think this PR is close to my use-case.

Has anyone worked this out yet? Getting .GitInfo from files in a submodule is kind of essential.