Language dropdown menu


I am working on a Hugo site for the first time - for a mobile app that targets users in censorship-prone countries. Currently, I’m using the Ananke theme - which seemed both very popular/current and multi-language-friendly. However, I can’t seem to find suitable documentation for how to make the language menu a dropdown menu in the navbar. I’ve tried all code samples I could find, but no dice. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Here is the repo: GitHub - censorship-no/ceno-website: Website for the CENO browser


I googled an article that looks like it could help. Your repo looks like you don’t need too much more explanations (other than what follows):

I would put the dropdown either into the existing menu or into an extra menu to position somewhere else (before this line: ceno-website/site-navigation.html at d41e2ca267f91c76874b5f486b193156baca59f1 · censorship-no/ceno-website · GitHub)

The language switcher described in that article switches through the home pages. If you want to range through translations of the current page, check this:

You could also have a look at this post: