Issues with menu url for headless page in v0.86+

I was successfully using in v0.85 and below a blank markdown page with the following front matter to generate a menu link to some external resource:

headless: true

    name: Contact Us
    url: ""

As of v0.86, that no longer works. Any attempt in a template to access .Url for that MenuEntry results in a string that looks like “/directory/filename/” instead of the string specified in url.

I can see v0.86 modified menus, but there is no indication this should no longer work, or if it should not work, what the new way to do something like that is.

How do I make a link like this work correctly in v0.86+?

After digging around, this commit looks to be the culprit:

I don’t get the logic of the if. It seems like it should be testing if m.PageRef is defined, not m.Page. Does anyone grok what is going on there?