Is there some pre-packaged way to use Kroki from markdown?

mkdocs provides mkdocs-kroki-plugin · PyPI which makes it possible to do something like:

blockdiag {
  blockdiag -> generates -> "block-diagrams";
  blockdiag -> is -> "very easy!";

  blockdiag [color = "greenyellow"];
  "block-diagrams" [color = "pink"];
  "very easy!" [color = "orange"];

And then get image embedded in your output:

Is there something that can do this for markdown in hugo that I don’t have to code up myself?

I think for asciidoc(tor) it is possible, but would like it for markdown also.

No there is no way to use Python plugins in Hugo.

There is no API.

Kroki is not a python plugin, Kroki is a web service for rendering diagrams from text. mkdocs-kroki-plugin · PyPI is a python plugin for mkdocs that uses the kroki web service, no code in that is needed to create a diagram from text, that code only integrates mkdocs (a completely different static site generator) with kroki, and I understand that I can’t use plugins for mkdocs in hugo, I was asking if there is something similar for hugo, not if I can use the same plugin for hugo.

No, there is no support for rendering diagrams natively in Hugo.

But others are using ascii-doctor along with Hugo, so perhaps you can try going that route.

@aucampia Please take this for a spin.

git clone --single-branch -b hugo-forum-topic-36924 hugo-forum-topic-36924
cd hugo-forum-topic-36924
hugo server

The shortcode can be used with content:

{{< kroki type="actdiag" >}}
  write -> convert -> image

  lane user {
    label = "User"
    write [label = "Writing reST"];
    image [label = "Get diagram IMAGE"];
  lane actdiag {
    convert [label = "Convert reST to Image"];
{{< /kroki >}}

Or by pointing at a page resource:

{{< kroki type="actdiag" file="diagram-a.txt" >}}

This wasn’t possible prior to the introduction of resources.GetRemote in v0.90.0.