Is there any way to tell Hugo to consider as while using page bundles?

I am trying to create a workflow where I copy .textbundle file from markdown editors such as Bear/FSNotes and copy it to Hugo content to generate blog posts.

The current folder structure of textbundle in FSNotes is
Awesome Title For Blog Post.textbundle
- images
- image001-feat.jpeg
- image002.jpeg
- info.json

My issue is Hugo generates two sets of content for this post

  • one in the posts directory with .textbundle extension for the directory
  • other in the permalink directory with the given slug
  • images are not accessible with .Page.Resources.GetMatch “assets/-feat.

My solution seems to be working when i rename to with

  • posts from posts directory with .textbundle extension are removed
  • permalink directories works fine
  • images are accessible

Is there any way to bypass this process so that I could create simple workflow without this hack?