Is there any way to do something like .PrevInType?

I’m listing different content that has the same type, and i need to add a “Next” and “Previous” button. It’s possible?

There are NextInSection and PrevInSection.

Yeah, but I’m listing contents of different sections that have the same type. So I would like something .PrevInType and .NextInType.


There are some undocumented methods on the page collections: .Next and … Prev.

These are undocumented because … They have a slightly funky API and I have been wanting to replace it with something better. But time is a limit. But if you can read GoDoc:

Note that these will start at the beginning when they reach the end, which is one of the confusing things about it. But you should be able to do next/prev on almost anything.

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This works for me: