Is there any mistakes in this guide

Check this guide written by me carefully, say me if there is anything i have to change or is there any mistakes i have correct?

@jmooring @Arif @bwintx and other pros.

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I don’t know about mistakes. But I’m fairly certain that the line width is far too big, with more than 100 characters here. The page scores 44 in Lighthouse’s Accessibility test (low contrast, messed up Aria attributes…). It sets a fixed font size of 16px, which is a bad idea, as users might have specified a different default font size in their preferences. The Axe test in Firefox’ developer tools reveals 72 accessibility issues.

Personally, I find this sans-serif font difficult to read. And the text is full of grammatical errors and too long sentences like this one:

Who exactly is Blogger, if you’re new to this stuff then for you in simple Blogger is basically modern word used for person who does blogging on internet site linked with certain Web2 or Web3 address like for ex :, while blogging is basically making and publishing text written digital content on internet, is it clear?

All that is not enticing me to read, much less to amend it.