Is there a way to use larger numbers than a normal int


I’m using google id’s for matching members to articles, but these numbers get rounded, that makes that my id’s are not right anymore.

108318712407598539572 becomes > 1.0831871240759855e+20

or when i format it as string it becomes 108318712407598550000

is there a way that i can use the real value (108318712407598539572)?


Your post doesn’t have enough information. Please read requesting help and post relevant information, then someone will be able to assist. :slight_smile:


Put qoutes around it and it becomes a string.


Hi bep,

That works, but i’m using as “CMS” and it strips the quotes away


Please follow their bug reporting process and get this fixed.


I don’t use Forestry but have you tried using single quotes or are these stripped away too?