Is there a way i can nest content section to third level?


└── content
    ├── posts
    |   ├── happy
    |   |   └── mood
    |   |    |     └──

Is anything not working with this setup? It’s really not obvious what you’re after here (or why it might be causing a problem for you).

So I want to show all sections in POST on URL/posts and the ability to click MOOD to see the posts there. Here is my project ::

my go it to have countries on homepage => country page => city page => single page
the only thing I’m unable to achieve is getting the cities on the country page

The link doesn’t match what you posted. You have better chances to receive help if you post a link to the repository, i.e. your Hugo sources.

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I was able to achieve it here:contact senator David Van of victoria
sorry I didn’t share the repo because its private