Is there a roadmap for Hugo?

Just wondering if there is some form of roadmap for Hugo. An outline of planned features, integrations etc for the coming quarter or for the year.

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Not an official answer, but: there seems to be a moving state of interest, and less of a roadmap, per se.

I am rarely surprised by a new feature, but never know when they drop. In that sense, these fora could be the roadmap.

I’m working on Hugo 0.55 – which started out as a “preparation release” (see below); it’s going to be a packed release. Not so many poster headline features, but you will like it.

The “preparation” above was motivated by a feature labeled “Pages from data” – which is a broad term and it will surely be iterated on (i.e. not everything in its first release), but it should be “useful to many” in its first version.

After that I see some work in the “content rendering” department:

  • There is the Blackfriday v2 (vs the others) and some plans for a “content sections map” which would improve the ToC, footnotes etc. situation.
  • Native Asciidoc support is coming, probably faster than you’d think. Also there is a new and better Org-mode libray in the queue.
  • Support for content renderer per output format (e.g.

The above is written from memory, but should give you an idea.


Cool! Do you know if that would allow to render a latex snippet using whatever latex engine (e.g. lualatex)?

I have no idea …

I am waiting for this one. It is a pretty big deal for me and it will allow me to run a Hugo blog dynamically via a third party platform.


Native asciidoc support will make my managers even happier than they already are! Lots of neat things I can do with that. Looks like it’s time for me to gather together the contributing troops!


The closest thing we have to a roadmap is our Github milestones, but even those are somewhat aspirational.


Just to elaborate a little: The latex example was just put in there as there exists one that would fit nicely on the tech level into Hugo.

When I talk about “content renderer” per Output Format I’m talking about what creates .Content (and related). You have some control of this today using shortcodes, but it isn’t practical for fundamental different outputs.

A better example would be ePUB, which is a XML format:

I am reading this as “waaay faster rendering of Asciidoc”, am I correct?

I am very interested in this :drooling_face:


Isn’t it rather “is coming faster than you think”? (not a faster rendering) :wink:

Yes, that was the meaning of that sentence. But the other part is also true.

You are correct.


Oh the joy!

Where is this coming from? Is it the bytesparadise library?

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@pgr, yes.


Hi everyone. Any news on this new Asciidoc renderer? Is it progressing well?

I wonder if this is testable, even as very early alpha version. Can I run it on my site and see the bits that it is already capable of rendering?

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