Is there a performance hit to using a data file instead of params in front matter?

I was just wondering whether there is a performance hit to using a data file containing data for over 1000 products with 10+ data points for each, instead of listing these data points in individual markdown files.

This is the structure I’m considering in data/foo.toml:

name = "product1"
description = "A product"
facebook = "@product1"
twitter = "@product1"
website = ""

name = "product2"

In content/products, there will be a markdown file generated for each product. [just date and title, possibly tags listed]

The alternative approach would be to list the majority of the information in each markdown file. I need to use the data file for some items to avoid content duplication and ensure consistency throughout as some of the information will be in another content section.

You could test the performance of each by using the --templateMetrics flag

Thanks for the suggestion.

For those wondering, I saw a significant difference in performance.

Using a data file to load info from 400 files: 277ms

Just using markdown files: 8.5ms