Is "Related" similar to backlinks?

I am using ox-hugo to generated md-files out of my org-roam-v2 files and then hugo witht that config.toml.

baseURL = "/"
uglyURLs = true
relativeURLs = true
languageCode = "en-us"
title = "My New Hugo Site"
theme = "ananke"

All posts have a Related box on the right. How does hugo figuring out which links/urls to put in there?

First I thought this is something like backlinks but it is not. Not all backlinks are in there.

Have you looked at the documentation?

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Have you looked at the documentation?

In the future I will post every piece of the docu in an initial question just to prove that I am not lazy with reading your docs.

No need to be snarky. No, it’s not based on back links – it’s an index (or indices) created based on how similar they are.


Just for future readers: There might be a solution for backlinks. But I have not tried it yet because of fundamental problems with org(-roam) itself handling ID-links while exporting.

If a solution comes up I will post my whole org-roam-ox-hugo-workflow here.

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