Is it possible to use images "resources" with _internal/opengraph

I use {{ template "_internal/opengraph.html" . }}

_internal/opengraph.html uses the .Page images (in my front matter) as if they are in static/.

But in my blog posts, I use images as resources (resources.Get $path, etc …) and they are in assets/

So i have to duplicate images in both /assets and /static so my blog page SEO is in sync with my blog post content.

I do know I can just copy the opengraph internal code and create all og: by hand. No problem.

But is there a way to still use "_internal/opengraph.html" with images in assets ? I didn’t found a positive response to this.

Any info/tip (again i do know i can create my og: by hand, and i guess i should).


IDK but you can always make your own opengraph shortcode/partial and change it to what you need.

Does anyone know why it is changed in twitter but not in opengraph?