Is it possible to automate the data submitted on Githubs issue-tracker and display it on my website?


I was wondering if it is possible to take the data submitted on my issue-tracker while using a issue-form custom template and somehow have the user inputted data from it, be shown on my web page in a structured table format?

This is the doc that was used by to make the issue-form template by a friend of mine:
Configuring issue templates for your repository - GitHub Docs

If so, what would I have to look up and learn specifically on how to do that? Or would there be any chance of examples of something similar that anyone may perhaps know of?

Thanks for taking the time to read my question, and apologies if my terminology is inaccurate.

Use the getJSON function in conjunction with GihHub’s API. The URL for your issue queue is:

This list contains issues and pull requests (the issues don’t have a pull_request key) and appears to be sorted by date (latest first).

You could probably create a hook that triggers a site rebuild when a issue is created, but keep in mind that GitHub limits your API requests.

Thank you very much for this helpful information. That gives me something to go on and learn more about.
Much appreciated.