Is Hugo targeted to implement a personnal knowledge base site?

Hello All,

I think I start having a quite well understanding of the Hugo hehavior. I’ve implemente an hugo sites that merges 2 differents themes, and it work nice.

I’d like to add a personnal KB section to my site. I’ve search the web, and was not able to find an example of KB developped under Hugo. Even in the themes collections, I don’t find something that could match.

The question : Has it already been done ? Is Hugo targeted to implement a not so complexe KB ?

thanks for your answer.

I won’t say ‘targeted’. But, it’s possible. I’d say, (probably) any static website can be generated in Hugo because after all, if a page is displayed in browsers, it’s probably a HTML file.

As long as you can write the HTML structure of the KB you want, style it with CSS and use JS as needed, you can make it with Hugo. The only thing is that, if you use Hugo’s features well, you can easily add some dynamic features like automatically adding new pages to the home page, or arranging articles by name, etc.

I don’t know if anyone has made a KB this before, but there are some themes that make something like a documentation. While it’s not exactly what you might be looking for, it might at least give you an example. Here’s one: GitHub - google/docsy: A set of Hugo doc templates for launching open source content.

The Dot theme could be used to create a knowledgebase: Dot | Hugo Documentation Theme. You create folders per topic and inside of these you have the articles. I am not sure if what exactly qualifies a knowledge base - a blog with categories and tags and a proper search… isn’t that all that is needed?

I’ve done it for one of my websites (not a big KB, but still).

Source code:

Pretty interesting.

Many thanks. I will study it.