Invalid RSS feed: blank lines at start of file

My automatically generated RSS feed (index.xml) always generates with 4 blank lines at the top of the file. This results in the following error when trying to open the feed in Chrome:

error on line 5 at column 6: XML declaration allowed only at the start of the document

Any idea what’s causing these blank lines to show up, and how to stop them?

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Ah, as usual I figured out the problem soon after I posted a question about it.

In my theme’s rss.xml, the shortcode at the top was creating newlines.
By adding a hyphen to the end of the shortcodes, I was able to suppress the newlines:

{{ if ne .Title site.Title -}}
{{ printf "%s " .Title | .Scratch.Set "title" -}}
{{ else -}}
{{ .Scratch.Set "title" nil -}}
{{ end -}}
{{ $baseCSS := resources.Get "css/base.css" | resources.ExecuteAsTemplate "css/base.css" . | minify | fingerprint -}}