Integrating docuapi and jsdoc comments

Quite awhile ago I was a pretty good hand at Hugo. Seems some of the ideas came up with have now been incorporated via modules and more robust theming which means maybe I should look into refactoring my original work Although maybe that’s kinda been done already with and docuapi

Anyway I need to work on a large library api docs and saw docuapi. I have the example site rendered and now I have what is really not a hugo question.

My code library is all nodejs/javascript so it has JSDOC style comments therein. I assume I need to get them rendered as markdown in order to use with docuapi right? Using something like this.

Has anyone else managed to integrate rendering the jsdoc comments as part of rendering a docuapi themed site? I could probably just set up a npm project with nodemon and send the markdown output to /content site which would elicit a re-render. I would be curious though if there might be a more integrated way to do this using ho(go) modules, albeit I am not a go programmer. Should I maybe ask at slate?

Why don’t you use jsdoc2markdown in a script that runs before the hugo processing so you have your markdown files at hand then? I think it’s not possible to add modules to run some kind of pre-processing job. All I read and understand about it points to post-processing only.