Increasing CPUs at a certain point doesn't seem to make much difference in build time

I have a fairly large site 20K pages with some image processing included.

My current build time on an AWS EC2 c4.2xlarge 8 vCPU 15 GiB is ~197294 ms.
I’ve been experimenting with beefier instances and noticed that 16 vCPUs seems to be were adding more CPU doesn’t reduce build time. For example, c7g.4xlarge 16 vCPU 169908 ms and c7g.metal 64 vCPU ~280062 ms.

In all testing, the public/ and resources/ directories were deleted.

I’m curious if anyone has experienced the same :slight_smile:

Don’t delete the resources directory for a start. Image processing takes plenty of time and resources and there is no reason to do the same thing over and over again.

Other than that we need to know about your site to have any opinion. It might be a weird configuration for the pagination, it might be a partial that runs amok because it is not cached.

There are plenty of reasons why it takes a long time. GoHugo has CLI parameters to debug themes and caching approaches.