Include file range of line numbers

I have a file that I’m using as an include. What I’d like to do is just include a range of the line numbers within that file. The mmark syntax only illustrates including specific line numbers - {{filename}}[3,4]

I can get this to work, but I want to include lines 1 to 96 from my file, which is going to get unwieldly if I have to specify each line.

Has anyone got a range of line numbers to work?

I’ve finally got this to work:

In your markdown file to be included, add the following before the content you want to be included:

<!-- START OMIT -->

Then add this after the content you want to be included:

<!-- END OMIT -->

Your code for including in the mmark file should be as follows:

{{path to include file}}[/START OMIT/,/END OMIT/]