Import from Movable Type into Hugo

I have a tech blog that I would like to convert from Movable Type 4.25 into Hugo.

Is there a recommended approach for getting the export/backup into the right format?

Is there an intermediate or related blog format that might help get things closer?


Eric Hammond

No ideas have been suggested, so I’m forging ahead with some custom, one-off code that is specific to my blog’s content and format.

Hints here moving to Octopress which also uses markdown files as input.

Thanks! I had not considered that approach.

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Hi !
I made a migration tool from MovableType to Hugo.

Writing such a tool is very easy.
You can modify it as much as you like.


Thanks! I ended up writing my own, also in Perl.

The old moveabletype blog is (for a while) here:

The new hugo blog is here: