Import 10 million posts from XML

How can I import 10 million posts? Is it possible?

I have them in XML files (30-50k posts in one file)

  1. SEO title
  2. meta description
  3. h1 title
  4. category
  5. post content

Currently I would not recommend that. It may be doable in a version not to far into the future.

Can you please recommend alternatives?

I can’t use Wordpress because I don’t have powerful hardware

Not sure how you could get an answer for alternatives in a forum about Hugo.

Please try search engines etc for your project requirements.

Show a sample XML file and someone might know how to parse XML and output text files. The problem is “10 million posts” and “I don’t have powerful hardware”. That does not fit :wink: You don’t go on a frozen lake if you weight 10 million kg. Converting will take hours/days and if the process breaks you will have to find a way to “continue where it broke” and for some arbitrary XML nobody will program an individual solution for that (without some extrinsic motivation).

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